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The Brazilian Amazon rainforests are extremely rich in biodiversity and key to climate protection. The Technical and Financial Cooperation between Brazil and Germany aim at fostering sustainable use and the protection of this region's resources as well as the costal rainforests and the biodiverse environment of the Cerrado biome in central Brazil.

the Brazilian


- Are the bases for the livelihood of the 20 Mio inhabitants.
- Are enormous carbon sinks
- Regulate regional and global climate and water cycles
- Are extremely biodiverse

goals of the


- Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% until 2020,
- Set economic incentives for sustainable use of the natural resources,
- Reduce deforestation by 80% in the Amazon region and 40% in the Cerrado region until 2020,
- Protect biodiversity
- Reforestation of coastal forest (Mata Atlântica).

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