Energias Renováveis e Eficiência Energética


Biogás para a Geração de Energia em Pequena Escala

Stationary gas turbines are commonly used to generate electricity in gas turbine power stations. Those machines use fuel to generate shaft power to drive a generator, which converts the mechanical shaft power into electricity.

Because of their decentralized but robust capacity to generate power, small gas turbines are considered an alternative to state-of-the-art power generation plants. The major impediment for the use of micro or small gas turbines is their high investment and installation costs.

The BIO-Co2ncept small gas turbine addresses this issue and provides a solution that is considerably cheaper than the existing ones. Therefore, the purpose of this project was to develop a prototype of a low-cost small gas turbine primarily optimized for use with biogas to generate power.

Parceiros do projeto
  • TU Berlin
  • Instituto Tecnológico da Aeronáutica (ITA)

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